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Crude Iodine 


Drug Intermediates, pharmaceutical and medical applications, sanitation or disinfectants, animal feed, catalysts, inks, colorants,photographic equipment, and stabilizers, dyes



Suphuric Acid, Sugar, fungicide, insecticide, and fumigant, phosphate fertilizers, sulfuric acid, sulfur dioxide, sodium bisulfite, carbon disulfide, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur trioxide, and thionyl chloride, ointments ,slat blocks, soil amendments, petroleum

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List of Chemicals and Intermediates

STPP (Sodium triphosphate)


Water treatment, In detergents, Food applications, Tanning Agent for Leather, petroleum refining, metallurgy, mine applications, in paint, Paper mills, toothpaste.

Naphthalene Crude/Refined


precursor to other chemicals, production of phthalic anhydride, Concrete superplasticizers,Tanning agents and dyestuffs, B-naftol, etralin and Decalin, Mothballs and other compacted products for household use, moth repellan, Refined Naphthaleneis:- primary ingredient in mothballs, it May be used in the agricultural, textile or fabric industries, in pesticides , Chemical Intermediate

SHMP (Sodium hexametaphosphate)


Water treatment, In detergents, Food applications,Ceramics and enamels, Porcelain,Paper mills, Flame retardants, Paint, Glass fiber, Antifreeze agents, Latex, Plaster and cement, textiles, manufacture of plaster boards, photography, drilling sludge, and stabilizing oxygenated water solutions

Yellow phosphorous


Pesticides Intermediates, fertilizers, detergents, food industry, water treatment chemicals, metal finishing and flame retardants, thermal phosphoric acid, phosphorus chlorides, phosphorus sulfides, intermediate in phosphorus derivatives

Phosphoric Acid 85%


Stpp, Sugar, fertilizers, phosphoric acid, phosphate salts, alcohols, predominantly ethanol, electrolyte in copper electropolishing, flux, pH adjuster, detergents and leather treatment, Hydro DIY pH Down, Ceramics and Glass, Plastics ,Drinking Water Treatment, Equipments Maintenance, Ceramics and Glass

Caustic Soda Flakes


Caustic Soda Flakes used in Alumina refineries , Pulp and paper, Soaps and detergents, Viscose fibre, Textile processing, Organic chemicals such as dyes, etc.Inorganic chemicals such as sulphites,phosphites, etc., Petroleum Products, Aluminum Metal, Chemical Process, Bleach Manufacturing, caustic soda flake - NaOH also used in the transesterification and esterification reagent, Caustic soda flake is used in the Bayer process of aluminum manufacture.caustic soda flake - NaOH is useful in the tissue digestion.

Caustic Soda Liquid


important building-block chemicals produced, use Liquid Caustic Soda:- Pulp & Paper Manufacture, Petroleum Refining, Municipal Potable Water Treatment/Industrial Water treatment, Alumina Processing, Organic and Inorganic Chemicals, Soap & Detergents, Drain Openers & Cleaners, rayon and cellophane, petrolium production and refining, soda ash replacements, renewable fuels, Food Processing, Paint Removers, Multiple Acid Neutralization Applications, of chemistry, liquid caustic soda and solutions of caustic soda attack metals suchas aluminium, tin, zinc, and alloys containing these metals,

SLS (Sodium Ligno Sulphonate)



Concrete Admixture, textile dyestuff, metallurgic engineering, petroleum industry, pesticides, Carbon black, Animal feed, and porcelain, oil exploration plugging agent;Vatting dyes, dispersing dyes fillers, dispersing agents, acid dyes diluents,pesticide emulsifier, cradling dispersant, pre-tanning agent, ceramics or refractories plasticizer, oil well or water dam grouting gelling agent, etc.